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Admissions advice: Tips to get your application noticed

Friday, November 8th, 2019

(Using resources available on university websites as well as meeting with students, staff and professors, can help aspirants know how admission decisions are made. YinYang/iStockPhoto/Getty Images)

Getting into university has become more competitive than ever. Here’s some practical advice from university admissions officials on what you need to do to get that acceptance letter.

The right courses

One thing that high school students often overlook when applying to university is making sure they have the right classes for the program they want to study.

“I know ‘check the prerequisite’ sounds really simple,” says Andrew Arida, the University of British Columbia’s deputy registrar. “But every year a lot of students don’t, and they’re not admitted simply because they didn’t take the right classes in high school.”

Click here to read the full report originally published by the Globe and Mail.

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