‘We are all refugees’: Why conservatives are leaving California for Texas

November 4, 2018 at 17:00 , by admin

Paul and Brenda Chabot moved to McKinney, Texas, in January 2017 to give their four children a better life. And the couple’s young company Conservative Move is helping other like-minded families move from blue states to red states. (Submitted by Paul Chabot)

Paul and Brenda Chabot believe California is no longer the land of opportunity. Born and raised in the state, the Chabots say it used to have some of the best jobs, the best schools and the safest streets in the United States.

But they wanted a bright future for their four young children, so they left San Bernardino County last year for McKinney, Texas, about 50 kilometres north of Dallas.

They were renters in California, but now they have a slice of the American Dream. They own a three-quarter-acre property in a neighbourhood where parents ferry the kids around in golf carts and the lawns — ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections — are dotted with Ted Cruz signs that say, “Tough as Texas.”

The Chabots didn’t just seek refuge in Texas for family and economic reasons. They’re conservatives who also left California for political reasons, and are now helping like-minded families leave blue states for red ones through their young company, Conservative Move, which operates as a referral service.

“We are all refugees from California moving to Texas, and I think we all feel the same way,” Paul Chabot told CBC Radio’s The Current.

Click here to read the article originally published by CBC Radio.

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